A Fierce Green Fire

The Battle for a Living Planet

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Mark Kitchell
USA, 2012, 110 min
English OV
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Mark Kitchell (Sundance Gewinner) *live via Videostream*

Sunday May 20th - 20:00

It’s the largest movement the world has ever seen, and maybe the most important - in terms of what’s at stake. Yet it’s not easy being green. Environmentalists have been reviled as much as revered, for being killjoys and Cassandras. Every battle begins as a lost cause and even the victories have to be fought for again and again. Still, environmentalism is one of the great social innovations of the twentieth century, and one of the keys to the twenty-first. It has arisen at a key juncture in history, when humans have come to rival nature as a power determining the fate of the earth.

A Fierce Green Fire tells stories of environmental activism - people trying to save the planet, their homes, their lives, the future. It aims at creating the first big-picture overview of environmentalism - covering iconic events of the past 50 years, including the rising conservation ethic of the 1960s that culminated in the first Earth Day in 1970, rescuing the people of Love Canal from toxic chemicals, saving whales and the Amazon rainforest. Finally, the film examines the origins of climate change with the accompanying political paralysis and the grassroots movements that are beginning to transform industrial society and put us on a path to sustainability.

Featuring: Bill McKibben, Marina Silva, Paul Watson, Elizabeth Kolbert, Carl Pope, Stephanie Mills, Wolfgang Sachs, and many more. Narrated by: Robert Redford.

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