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Tipping Point – The End of Oil

In Alberta the biggest construction project on the planet is wiping out a pristine wilderness and a Native people ... - [mehr]

Up in Smoke

Ein Film über die absolute Notwendigkeit, die Zerstörung der Regenwälder zu stoppen und über die Kräfte, die ... - [mehr]

Uprising: Hip Hop & The LA Riots

The documentary traces the rise of dissent in Los Angeles in the 80's and 90's and explores why citizens chose to ... - [mehr]

Urban Roots

A small group of dedicated citizens have started an urban environmental movement with the potential to transform ... - [mehr]

Waking the Green Tiger

Once-marginalized citizens become part of a "green hurricane" that's sweeping through China. We'd all do well ... - [mehr]

When The Water Ends

Tribes now have to cross each other’s territories in search of water and land. Armed with Kalashnikovs and ... - [mehr]
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