One month before the big UN Earth Summit Rio+20 (June 20th-22nd) Crossroads’ first edition will focus on the socio-ecological crisis, the destruction of nature and livelihoods and the worldwide struggles against it. The Festival especially wants to shed light on current developments, which only get minor, uncritical or biased coverage in the mainstream media. The program will have a strong focus on the global south and on the courageous people who fight for the preservation of their/our livelihoods on a daily basis.

Award winning films (many of them will premier in Austria) and internationally renowned thinkers and activists will inspire critical discussions about some of the most important issues of our time. Promising alternative projects, initiatives and ways of living and organizing societies will be presented – with the aim of empowering people to get active and to help fight for a sustainable future in which nature is conserved and everybody is able to live well.

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